My name is Miguel Harry, I’m a Colombian designer and artist based in Seattle, WA.

I graduated from ArtCenter’s Product Design program in 2018. Since then I’ve had the opportunity of working with companies such as Gensler, Adidas, Google, Microsoft and Square.

During the week I work as an Industrial Designer and I spend my weekends doing tattoos out of a private studio. In my free time I can be found documenting objects and spaces; camera in hand.

Copyright © 2023 Miguel Harry.


2022 - PRESENT
  • Abstract: adj; Existing in thought or as an idea.
  • Material: noun; The matter from which a thing is made.



1.  Keep the secondskin/tegaderm on your tattoo between 3 and 5 days. No need for any aftercare during this time; just go about your life as normal. Ink, blood and plasma pooling under the wrap is normal. 

If the secondskin starts to peel off before the 3-5 days mark and it becomes partially exposed or air bubbles make their way into the bandage don’t worry and follow next steps.

2. After 3-5 days, take the Secondskin/Tegaderm off in the shower with clean hands. It helps to have water between your skin and the adhesive as you pull. Peel slowly and carefully. Wash with unscented antibacterial soap and let air dry or pat dry with paper towels.

3. Continue washing the tattoo as indicated above twice a day (in the morning and evening), as well as any time it may have been exposed to bacteria. Pat dry with paper towels / leave to air dry. Avoid regular towels as they can harbor bacteria.

4. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer whenever the skin starts to feels dry, and continue to do so every day for the first three weeks of healing. I recommend using Hustle Butter or any natural moisturizer of your choosing. Try to avoid any petroleum based products since they won’t let your skin breathe very well. Make sure to read through the ingredients before choosing a moisturizer to avoid allergic reactions. There’s a balance between moisturizing so little to the point that it dries up and your skin cracks, and so much that the '“scab” is too wet and comes off before it’s supposed to.


Be gentle with the skin while the tattoo is healing (it takes ~4 weeks for the skin to repair over the ink). Treat it like an open wound: keep it clean and protected, and never touch it with dirty hands. Avoid pools, hot tubs, submerging the area in water.

Things to avoid for the first three week (even while the SecondSkin is on):

• Swimming / submerging your tattoo in any stagnant body of water (shower is fine, bath is not).

• Direct sunlight. Keep the tattoo covered or the ink will start to break down as it heals. When the tattoo is done healing you can switch to sunscreen; sunscreen in an unhealed tattoo will irritate it a lot.

• Tight clothing over the area

• Itching / scratching the tattoo

It is normal for your tattoo to be tender and slightly swollen along the lines immediately after. In a few days the swelling should go down and it will scab over. The scabs will be itchy, resist the urge to scratch. You can damage the tattoo by pulling scabs.

Please keep an eye out for any of the following, as they are all signs of an infected tattoo:

• Deep redness along the lines of the ink.

• The tattoo itself looking "sunken".

• Intense itching or burning.

• A tattoo that is warm or hot to the touch.

• Any sort of yellowish discharge or colored scabbing (scabs shouldn't appear for about a week and when they do they should be the color of the tattoo ink).

• Any pain a few days out from being tattooed.

• Fever, chills, nausea.

Just because you don't have all of these symptoms doesn't mean the tattoo isn’t infected, any of them could be indicative of an infection, especially multiple days after the tattoo).

If you suspect your tattoo is infected please seek medical advice as soon as possible. An infection caught in its early stages can be easily treated with antibiotics but a late stage infection can do serious long term damage. even if you're not sure, better safe than sorry.